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The quality and design ideas of your products must be accurately and professionally displayed to your clientele. If they are not, inadequate sales will result.

CG Visions Renderings and Animation

The CG Visions media team will engage your audience using many different types of digital and print media to paint an accurate pre-construction representation of your product, while capturing your audience’s attention and interest.

We believe in using the most advanced technology available to create stunning pre-construction digital work which both creates a “pretty picture” and sets an inspirational mood for your audience. One of the construction industry’s major challenges is the ability to communicate the visual complexity of architectural and structural design while brining the idea to life.

Our high quality artistic and photo realistic renderings can be experienced through rendered still images, and multimedia tools.

CG Visions offers marketing solutions to meet a varied range of media including:

  • Architectural exterior renderings
  • Architectural interior renderings
  • Site plan renderings
  • Photo manipulation/integration

Our digital artists will work closely with you and your design team to develop your product’s unique vision and deliver it with an impressionable statement. With today’s technology, there is no reason to settle and give your client a partial representation of your product, when you could give them visual certainty to make a significant impression.

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Floor Plan Art

How best to show your floor plans since most individuals have a hard time reading construction documents.

CG Visions Services - Floor Plan ArtFloor plan art can be shown in a variety of different styles and colors but the ultimate goal is to create an "eye catching" graphic that can be easily understood by your client, especially since most individuals have a hard time reading construction documents.  CG Visions offers two colorized methods in representing your colorized floor plans, 2D or 3D.  Both options are unique in thier own way but showing a finished floor plan layout in 3D definitely helps sell the contoured space.

CG Visions Floor Plan Art offers the following for your marketing needs:

  • Unique and defining way to show your product
  • 2D and 3D stylized versions furnished or unfurnished
  • Showing structural options offered
  • Web and Print media content

View our portfolio for examples of our latest work »

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Interactive Flex Floor Plans

The majority of home buyers in today’s market are visiting the web to better educate themselves on their home buying options.

CG Visions Services - eHomeThis results in an essential need to engage the potential home buyers interactively via the web as well as to showcase the builder’s products in a unique and captivating way.

e-Home evolved from CG Visions keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry and intently listening to not only the wants but the needs of the building industry. E-Home is a web enabled Flex floor plan configurator and e-lead sales tool which allows potential home buyers to configure, run different design scenarios and experience your product at the convenience of the internet.

The application can be utilized as an e-lead generator, an aide to your sales consultants, or even as a trigger to process a lot specific job start. The product is flexible and scalable based on your company’s sales and operational strategy and can be integrated with many existing systems that you already have in place.

Modules which are part of e-Home are:

  • Community Planner
  • 2D Flex floor plan configurator
  • True 3D interactive exterior viewer
  • Exterior color & material configurator
  • Interior color & material configurator
  • Custom brochure generator
  • Administrative dashboard to monitor, track and analyze traffic data

CG Visions Services - ehome KioskStatistics support that nearly 80% of new home buyers are browsing the web for more information on new home buying options. Builders cannot ignore the importance of being able to connect with these potential buyers at this critical stage in the builder/buyer relationship. E-Home provides the spark required to pull those e-leads into a face-to-face meeting with your sales staff.

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