About Us

Vision Statement

To challenge and empower builders to evolve the way they do business. To provide BIM consultation, technology, and services to the residential building industry. We seek to partner with and empower progressive builders to leverage technology in order to realize savings and efficiencies throughout their business.

Our Values

Our brand is built on the following values:

  • Integrity.
  • Quality.
  • Customer Focus.
  • Innovation.
  • Performance.

Our Story

CG Visions was established in 2000 by Dave Bozell, then a professor in the Department of Computer Graphics at Purdue University. Bozell’s knowledge and experience was sought for assistance in integrating light gauge steel panelization software with an existing manufacturing line. After this first successful consultation and integration, word spread and demand grew.

Between 2000 and 2002, Bozell asked Cory Shively, Scott Schultz, and Tim Beckman to join his growing start-up. The partners brought a new mix of ideas and experiences in the digital media and construction fields. Hard work, initiative, and problem solving drove the team. As they built their business, they endured offices with no heat where they swapped the space heater after each song on the radio; a lack of parking, so they shuffled cars every 2 hours to dodge parking tickets; and leaky roofs which claimed more than a few monitors.

CG Visions was helping clients across the eastern United States with projects such as apartments, dormitories, and hotels. Leveraging the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allowed clients to gain more than they could from the traditional 2D process of design and construction.

In 2001, after the disaster of 9/11 and a decline in light gauge steel construction, CG Visions saw an opportunity to expand into the residential building market. With the knowledge of construction trends and technology, CG Visions began helping residential builders across the nation understand and adapt to new technologies allowing them to realize savings and efficiencies through BIM.

In the process, CG Visions realized that residential builders had specific technology needs that weren’t being met by current tools on the market. The team began developing products and establishing key partnerships that would help them serve their clients better.

Gone are the days of space heaters, parking tickets, and leaky roofs, but hard work, initiative, and problem solving have persisted. As the company continues to expand, CG Visions strives to extend their values to both clients and partners alike.

CG Visions - David Bozell, President

David Bozell


CG Visions - Tim Beckman, Partner

Tim Beckman

Director of Business Development, Partner

CG Visions - Cory Shively, Partner

Cory Shively

Director of Production Operations, Partner

CG Visions - Scott Schultz, Partner

Scott Schultz

Director of Media, HR, & IT, Partner

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